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CGAN - June 2015 - IT Movie Poster - Pennywise remake - Final

Poll: Who made your favourite scary IT poster? (was ended 2015-07-08 00:00:00)

1 10%
3 30%
2 20%
4 40%
No votes 0%
No votes 0%
Total number of voters: 10 ( Kodabble, microscopi, Susie1981, CherryGraphics, ArtbyAlReid ) See more
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01 Jun 2015 19:28 - 09 Jul 2015 08:05 #10939 by kazky
IT Movie Poster - Pennywise remake

Haywire 1
Valence 3
CherryGraphics 2
microscopi 4

Congratulations to microscopi for making the scariest clown (poster)!

Brief: Stephen King's classic horror IT is being remade this year. Pennywise is the iconic scary clown, for this, depict your version of Pennywise on the movie poster. Make sure you include the name of the movie within the poster, other details are optional. Clowns are scary, right?

Deadline: Tuesday 30th of June, by midnight GMT. After which voting will begin.

This is where you posts your final entries. WIPs (works in progress) should be posted over here:

Challenge rules and guidelines:

Rules in brief:
  • All challenge entries must be your own work.
  • You should post at least two WIP images that are clearly different from your final entry and each other.
  • Your final entry should contain your image (inserted so it shows up full size) and at least two links to your WIP posts on the forum.
  • No chatter in the finals thread – if you have questions, post them in the WIP thread or PM an admin.
  • Feedback is allowed & encouraged together with the voting and in the WIP thread.
  • Deadline is given in UK time (midnight GMT) with a grace period of 5 minutes for getting the post sorted.
  • Each member may cast one set of votes, for their 3 favourites.
  • No cheating! Admins may decide to disqualify an entry that does not adhere to the above rules.

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26 Jun 2015 17:23 #11528 by ArtbyAlReid
Been a long time since I took part in any challenges. Good luck all!

Pencils wip

Inks wip

Crop of some detail.


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27 Jun 2015 13:31 #11545 by Valence
Fed up of fonts so here's the final. (After the WIPs of course.)

1: Scribbly Scares.
2: Hands Up, Or I'll Schnute.
3: One-Sided Make-Up.
4: A Grave Situation.
5: Poster Eyes And Credit Cards.

Good Luck Everyone. And don't have nightmares.
The following user(s) said Thank You: ArtbyAlReid

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29 Jun 2015 06:25 #11556 by CherryGraphics
Hehe.... the scariest challenge is over - I'm a bit relieved. :whistle:
Good luck to all of you! :lol:

WIP 1 - sketch: the foolish clown
WIP 2 - here comes Pennywise
WIP 3 - Background and Fonts
WIP 4 - last changes

So... Want a ballon? :cheer:

If I had a world of my own,everything would be nonsense.Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't.

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30 Jun 2015 05:07 #11568 by microscopi
Glad this ones over, can only stare at a creepy clown for so long :unsure:






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30 Jun 2015 22:37 #11583 by Susie1981

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01 Jul 2015 09:46 #11597 by Banj
Voting is open. It looks like we forgot to mention that we are testing a poll voting system. You can still give comments and crits in comments, but use the poll to cast your vote for your favourite piece of work. :thumbup:

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01 Jul 2015 11:01 #11606 by bergy68
Fantastic work everybody and best of luck to you all!!!


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01 Jul 2015 19:56 - 06 Jul 2015 20:37 #11617 by Valence
Wow! I know it's a cliche but this was a tough one to call this month. Right from the start Cherry seemed to be way ahead of the rest of us and I could see no way of her being caught and yet micro kept on pulling some amazing tricks out of the hat towards the end.
I was going to be very awkward and call it a tie but sadly the new voting system has messed up that idea for me so I'm gonna have to pick one and apologise to the other.
My winner is (just) microscopi! (Sorry Cherry.) And here's why…. (not necessarily in the right order)…

While I was throwing every superficial gimmick I could think of at my picture your image immediately looked like an authentic film poster. Not because of logos or credits or text but purely because of composition and style. When stripped down to the essentials all film posters, whatever the genre, seem to share a common design language that I instantly recognise when I see, yet struggle to understand when trying to create. You however seem to have a natural and intuitive understanding of this type of design (I don't know if this is part of your job or education or your DNA but it's something you definitely have and it shows in the strong designs of all of your pictures.) And because of that even the first vague glance at your painting provokes in me the subconsious response "I wonder what film that poster is for" and makes me want to study it further to find out more.
The image is perfectly unified both in terms of colour and in the way the figures are positioned, especially the way they remain balanced within the frame despite their different sizes and prominences just like the way you can balance different weights on a see-saw by changing their relative positions. Also the connection between the kids and the clown is described in a way that's intriguing but doesn't give any spoilers. The style of the children and the tree is loose yet lovely and the details of the clown; the hand, the cracks, the hair and the spider; all work well to define the familiar character. Overall it's a brilliantly successful film poster exactly as the brief required.

This was by far the scariest of the clowns on show. Really horrible with those multiple eyes and those grotesque spider legs growing out of the back. You achieved the horror right from the start and the question was, could you turn it into a poster that not only showed the scary character but also suggested a story? And bit by bit that's exactly what you did, layering more texture, deepening the lighting in value and colour and taking advantage of that triangular composition by centralizing the text to add the strong foundation, then building up the details to render a believable monster. It was like you were gaining momentum and confidence with every change. You conceived a great character and depicted it like it would be in a piece of concept art. But was it a film poster? Did it hint at the story it would tell? Almost, but not quite. Until … right at the end you played the Ace that was up your sleeve! The balloon faces of the children and their varied expressions from smiles and laughter to haunting anguish. It was a brilliant final move that turned the picture into an awesome film poster and just edged you past Cherry (if I have to choose!)
Also it's another great piece of work that shows your recent progression. You now seem to be at the stage where your best picture is literally the one you've just done … right until the next one. Keep it up.

There's some superior linework going on here. A female Pennywise is a nice idea and is beautifully drawn in this picture. The stark red/white divide to the composition evokes memories of the original IT posters yet the face tells us that this time it's going to be different. I like the way you taper the lines until they're no longer there even though the form remains. "Lost and found" edges are a great addition to any painting but to see them in inking is quite adventurous and the result is very special. Two areas that could be Improved if you had time are… One: some darker, deeper shadows in the folds and creases of the curtain (and perhaps another big fold along its length.) Although I do recognise that this would fight against the red/white style I do think there's a balance to be found between them. And Two: The neck, while beautifully drawn and anatomically accurate, creates a long sinuous line that drags your eye away from the area of interest. In the first sketch you did have a collar to cut across that line and keeping that in would help move your eye back to the face. It's still a lovely piece of work as it is and is an excellent poster.

Cherry summed this picture up perfectly when she said… "Boo!"
The thing I like most about this painting is the way that it achieves something that I tried to do with my picture (tried, failed then abandoned!) Namely the ambiguous expression. At first glance it's the jolly surprise of saying Boo to a child but, just like the way you can tell a fake smile from a genuine expression, once you look deeper into the eye you can see that beneath the surface lurks something very dark indeed. It takes real skill and subtlety to describe those layers of expression and their intentions so I congratulate you on succeeding where I failed. Also that style of frilly collar is something I also wanted in my pic but my lack of patience defied my ambition.

Another classic nightmarish vision from your dark brooding imagination! How do you sleep at night? :) The separated head and groping hand are freakish and terrifying and everything is rooted by another strong triangular composition which converges on a great opening punchline. The only thing this picture needs is more time and given the chance to add more of that trademark layered Schizo style of detail and polish then you could well have had consecutive victories.

Finish, damn you! Finish! :)
No seriously, I really wanted to see how this would end up with the extra textures and grass and water… etc. My lack of skill in this area of modelling and texturing stops me from imagining how good it would be, which is quite frustrating.
When the challenge started I didn't really understand the scene fully but then I did get to see the film for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it suddenly all made sense. So as a film poster it works brilliantly in a nostalgic way for fans but could use some extra narrative for those newer viewers, perhaps some Pennywise eyes peering out from the grate. But I'd still love to see the final render.

As with Banj, would have loved to have seen a finish. The facial close up gave us the real horror of the character, the makeup texture was spot on and the expression was just the right kind of scary. Some subtle tweaks of the lighting and some overlaid textures to "dirty" it up and this could have gone far. Just by describing it I can almost visualise how well it would work.

This was an interesting idea to show Pennywise in younger more charming form. This was the clown that tempts you in and offers you the bait of balloons and sweeties before bargaining away your life in return. As with all unfinished pics I would have loved to see how you would have strengthened the image with colour choices and lighting yet the imagination is still there for all to see in the sketch.
The following user(s) said Thank You: SchizophreniaWolf, ArtbyAlReid

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