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July challenge - Mech Fauna

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    Of Mars
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Latest Articles

  • Charlotte Goes Live

    I'm hoping to give art and - specifically - making some money from art, a try during 2018. It's still not certain that I will get the chance to do this, but I'm thinking the chances I follow through will increase if I make my plans public. Kind of like when people buy an expensive membership to the gym to motivate them exercising more often and then they don't, anyway.  Hopefully documenting my endevours or lack thereof will work as a kick in the butt. Plus I'll learn how this forum's blog tools work. Yay.  Read More...
  • XP-Pen Deco 01v2 Line Friends Edition tablet review

    XP-Pen Deco 01v2 Line Friends Edition tablet review

    XP-Pen asked us to take a look at their Deco 01 v2 tablet, so we did, and not just because it has cute cartoon animals on it. Read More...
  • Ugee HK1560 display tablet review

    Ugee HK1560 display tablet review

    There was a time when Wacom was the only serious choice for digital artists. These days there is a wide range of alternatives to Wacom's drawing tablets from various companies. Ugee is one such company from China and their HK1560 display tablet is a decent cheaper alternative to the smaller end of Wacom's Cintiq range. Read More...
  • CG Art Nexus 2

    CG Art Nexus 2

    When CG Art Nexus was opened it's virtual doors on the 4th of July 2014, it did so in a bit of a hurry. The site was built in reaction to the closure of ImagineFX Magazine's forum by Future Publishing. As notice of the closure was given only a few weeks before hand it didn't leave a great deal of time for us to not only discuss the possiblility of creating a new home for the great people that inhabited the forum, but also to build something worth going to and to do so in time to let people know it was there. Read More...