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I'm hoping to give art and - specifically - making some money from art, a try during 2018. It's still not certain that I will get the chance to do this, but I'm thinking the chances I follow through will increase if I make my plans public. Kind of like when people buy an expensive membership to the gym to motivate them exercising more often and then they don't, anyway. 

Hopefully documenting my endevours or lack thereof will work as a kick in the butt. Plus I'll learn how this forum's blog tools work. Yay. 

Right. Should I repeat the intro? :dumb: Do emojis work?

Uh. It's with a slight sense of panic and a large dollop of I-haven't-got-a-clue that I am starting up this blog. I was thinking I'd start next year but... what the heck. And besides, the longer I put it off, the greater the chance that I change my mind. 

I've been painting since I was little, but I haven't actually sold or tried to sell anything since my teens (my priciest piece to date is a drawing of my sister, bought by my mom for SEK 200 to prevent me from giving it away to someone else). During the past ten years I've suffered increasingly from headaches that the doctor's tell me are stress related (while simultaneously calculating that my stress levels are low). During this time I've been considering whether I could make money by painting during days and hours when I feel fine, rather than trying to force myself to fit into a 9-5 job. I know making money in this business is hard. But I figure I could at least give it a try, by working part time for my employer and part-time for myself. I have enough savings to try (and fail), so.... here goes. 

I have: 

Started documenting and planning what i need to know with regards to taxes and documentation and what not.

Posted an interest check on Aywas where there's a commission feature for people to pay USD to artists.

I have not:

Updated my website.

Put together a decent portfolio. (Better start somewhere around there.)

Asked my boss if I can get this much time off... 


For the remainder of this year I am still at work, though on partial sick leave, and attending some pain therapy magickything. And hoping my sis will give me a cat. Wouldn't it be great if I could work from home with a cat on my desk? *dreams*


Anyway. Wish me luck. Unless that's bad luck. 

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Charlotte's Avatar
Charlotte replied the topic: #26088 30 Sep 2019 14:55
well, I think I'd avoid the back & forth thing between thumbs and images....
My greatest issue is probably things like
"I want a paleo art section"
"But I only have one such image and it's anachronistic to boot"
(talking to myself, yes...)
Valence's Avatar
Valence replied the topic: #26086 30 Sep 2019 14:50
That reminds me of when I did Art at school (and failed, obviously! :P)
At the end they gave you a section of wall to fill with your best pictures and a table with a folder for the rest of your work.
Sadly ALL of my work didn't even fill a fraction of the wall and I was suddenly left wondering what I'd been doing for the last two years. :lol:

Personally, I don't mind the "new tab" thing in portfolios, it means you can go back to the thumbnail gallery instantly. When I have to wait for the picture and then wait for the gallery to load again then my patience starts to quickly diminish.
Charlotte's Avatar
Charlotte replied the topic: #26085 30 Sep 2019 14:23
yeah, I'd like to do away with that, too...
considering just having images (in groups so it's not too many per page) all in a column on a page and let people scroll through... Maybe with "anchor" thumbnails at the top. Not sure...

I made a list of what I'd want on my page and ended up with the sad conclusion that I pretty much have nothing I want to show... or at any rate nothing much in the categories I'd like to have... :dry:
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Banj replied the topic: #26084 30 Sep 2019 14:16
I would also avoid opening a new window/tab to view the pic (which I notice your current site does).
Charlotte's Avatar
Charlotte replied the topic: #26081 30 Sep 2019 13:23
Guess I'd better remake my thumbnails :P

Things and Stuff might be the hardest part, though.... :hmm: