Once upon a time...

there was an online art forum called ImagineFX which was linked to the magazine of the same name. The focus of forum and magazine was fantasy and sci-fi digital art. For many years the forum prospered. It was a popular forum for artists of all skill levels and much appreciated for the friendly atmosphere of learning and advice.

Then there was a great dark cloud, and it was announced that the forum was to be closed. The good people of the forum as well as the magazine staff were greatly upset and flustered by this news. Was nothing to be done?

Three of the moderators of the IFX website, Banj, Charlotte, and kazky, decided that they weren't just going to let a good thing die, so they didn't. Well, mainly Banj didn't.

With the sad demise of the imagineFX magazine forums in July of 2014, people needed somewhere else to go, so here is a somewhere else. We hope you will enjoy this place. Of course this is more than just a refuge for the caravan of lost souls migrating from the IFX forum, so spread the word and keep the site alive.

The site's main focus is, as the other forum before it, to help each other learn and grow as artists, with an emphasis on digital art as well as the fantasy and sci-fi genres. This does not mean that artists of other media or genres are not welcome, quite the contrary! We believe we can all learn from each other and help teach each other.

On this site's forum, blogs, and the adjoining gallery you can share artwork and sketchbooks, get friendly feedback, participate in forum challenges and offer constructive criticism. There's also a tutorial section on the forums and an additional blogging category where you can participate and share your knowledge. If there's anything missing or in need of improvement on the forum you can contact one of the admin, let us know through the suggestion-box, or you can send an email to us via our contact form. And may we all live happily ever after!


Banj (a.k.a. Webmaster), kazky, Charlotte