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So i had a biiiig birthday (over a year ago) and treated myself to a Cintiq Companion - so over the top for my needs or skills but hey, i work i deserved a treat. 

Since then i've drawn nothing, nada, zilch. I've got a £1600 piece of kit that is pushed up against the wall. 

I made it my mission this year to start to draw, and I downloaded a few cheaper art programmes. And were into June now, and still nada, nothing, zilch. I picked the pen up the other day and started to draw a face, well the shape of a face. It was rubbish. 

Deleted it and put the cintiq back up against the wall. 

I will try harder, i don't know how many times i'll say that, but if i put it all here, i might try harder. 

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cgartnexus logo ringWhen CG Art Nexus was opened it's virtual doors on the 4th of July 2014, it did so in a bit of a hurry. The site was built in reaction to the closure of ImagineFX Magazine's forum by Future Publishing. As notice of the closure was given only a few weeks before hand it didn't leave a great deal of time for us to not only discuss the possiblility of creating a new home for the great people that inhabited the forum, but also to build something worth going to and to do so in time to let people know it was there.

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