Mission to draw

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So i had a biiiig birthday (over a year ago) and treated myself to a Cintiq Companion - so over the top for my needs or skills but hey, i work i deserved a treat. 

Since then i've drawn nothing, nada, zilch. I've got a £1600 piece of kit that is pushed up against the wall. 

I made it my mission this year to start to draw, and I downloaded a few cheaper art programmes. And were into June now, and still nada, nothing, zilch. I picked the pen up the other day and started to draw a face, well the shape of a face. It was rubbish. 

Deleted it and put the cintiq back up against the wall. 

I will try harder, i don't know how many times i'll say that, but if i put it all here, i might try harder. 

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