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Show off your latest completed artwork in here.
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by Charlotte
04 Jun 2017 07:42
Post your unfinished works in progress for feedback, crits, or just to share your process.
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Last Post: The Aywas Thread
by Charlotte
25 Jun 2017 12:00
Share your sketches, and doodlings in here.
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by Valence
25 Jun 2017 15:19
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Valence - Mon 26 Jun - 13:19

:( Hang in there, micro. Hope the tough times don't last.

Charlotte - Mon 26 Jun - 09:41

aw Micro, hope things look up soon. Take care :)

kazky - Mon 26 Jun - 08:39

hey micro, sorry to hear that, hope things start to improve soon :(

microscopi - Mon 26 Jun - 04:35

Hey guys, been going through the toughest time in my existence right now, sorry for being a stranger :'(

Charlotte - Sun 25 Jun - 15:03


Valence - Sun 25 Jun - 14:52

Yay! Who cares about Facebook when the wee little men are back! :)

Charlotte - Sun 25 Jun - 12:09

Also FB tried to work but froze and Insta works. MOst computer issues from yesterday seems to have resolved themselves. AND the sun is shining :)

Charlotte - Sun 25 Jun - 08:35

woohoo! My wee little men are now all back to normal! (Next task is to get FB and Insta to work I guess, but, not now...)

Charlotte - Sat 24 Jun - 19:58

yeah I actually ignored the first update request... But since it kept asking... Anyway the game support has been back to me and hopefully they can restore my game.

Valence - Sat 24 Jun - 18:11

:( That's why I'm always wary of updating anything. Either something goes wrong, you lose all that you've saved, or the "new" version has fewer functions than the previous one.

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