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March 2019 - Classic Cover - WIPs

16 Mar 2019 17:48 #24139 by Valence
Looks fantastic. Very professionally done. All it needs now is something to make the gun pop out of the darkness.

I did have a go at one of these a couple of days ago but I've erased it from my memory. The idea looked good in my head but when I started painting it the result looked completely ridiculous.
I now need another, different idea. :)

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25 Mar 2019 02:04 - 31 Mar 2019 17:33 #24225 by Valence
I've been struggling badly with this one and have amassed quite a collection of failures in the recycle bin. First of all I tried to do "The Story Of Your Life" in a minimalist symbolic way, but the idea in my head seemed far better than the image that disgraced the canvas. After giving up on that I tried a few doodles for "I, Robot" but nothing seemed to develop from the scribbles.
Anyway, instead of playing games with ineffectual controls, tonight I spent a bit of time trying to do something for "1984."

It's terribly unoriginal and I'm not sure how much more detail can/should be added (apart from the text obviously.) I kind of like the loose, faceless aspect of it, as if Winston is losing his identity, so I'll see what happens when I find the right kind of font. Or maybe I should try and paint the title freehand? :hmm:
We'll see.

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30 Mar 2019 13:08 #24273 by hansnomad

I think you have something here.

The way I see it you need to maintain the loss of privacy and paranoia of the book. You could bring him in a bit closer and then either have him be alone surrounded by cameras, or you could lose the cameras but paint in a bunch of dark human silhouettes behind him in solid black where only their eyes watching him show (or you could have both the silhouettes and the cameras to ramp it up).

I tend to do character driven stuff, so take what I say with that context in mind. Love the concept, though.
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