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Time to Get my Hands Dirty

Created On: 19/04/2017 22:20:23
So I've been in a weird place for a while. I got my first fulltime concept gig about 8 months ago, and have been non-stop ever since.

Trying REALLY hard not to burn out, and still trying to find the line with getting my own stuff done/ interacting with other people/ having a life/ trying to be somewhat healthy. It's a balancing act I've not yet got the hang of.

I was writing out a list of things I miss, and they included
1-Looking at cool art
2- Helping others make cool art
3- Short turnaround low stakes fun.
4- Interact with awesome folk.

SO HERE I AM, back from the nether realms. Let's see how this habit fixes itself.

I actually ended up selling my cintiq amidst my search for balance, but that lasted literally a fortnight. My replacement is being collected tomorrow. Thirsty to paint some fun stuff. LET'S DO THIS.

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