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Dave's Digitals

04 May 2022 18:57 #40568 by Digital Dave
Replied by Digital Dave on topic Dave's Digitals
Well, though this past week really sucked, I continued to work as much as possible in the basement trying to get stuff done. Admittedly, the cutting and fitting for the frameup at the Utility Room door took a bit longer than I had hoped, it worked out well. Once I made all the custom cuts and got it fitted properly, it's pretty much there now with just sanding needed. I also finished hanging all the drywall on the opposite side of the wall (Not shown) but it's going to take some time to get all the sanding done for all the walls that are up, which is also going to be messy. ... Though I constantly try to keep the area clean, burning up my shop-vac, there's so much drywall dust it gets everywhere. But I plan to finish up these walls first and putting on the doors, before building the last wall that will section off that two rooms on the one side. This way I can try to keep the dust contained to one side at least. (I hope!) 


I get sketchy around pencils! ...=D

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