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Charlotte Goes Live

02 Dec 2017 09:50 #19432 by Charlotte
:p Thanks Val...

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07 Dec 2017 15:28 #19478 by Charlotte
I have recently been to see a team of medical professionals about my headaches etc. and while this is partially what made me decide that now's the time to try a change, this will probably also cause a bit of a delay in that change.

I've been admitted into some therapy groups focussing on stress and pain, and ironically they take up a lot of time plus I have to travel to a neighbouring city which also takes up a lot of time. I'm not yet sure whether I can work part time and go to the therapy sessions in my free time (which will then be reduced to practically 0) or if I should wait until the therapy is over before I start working... well... "as little as I can" (I'm already working part time to a lesser extent).

This week, I've been travelling either after or before work, 4 days out of five (or I will have, after tomorrow). Next week I have at least three visits to make, possibly four again. But next year it should be max. 3 visits per week, and hopefully just two... at least after a while and if I can do some exercises here at home, instead.

Either way, the therapy lasts until march, assuming I can manage it and don't stress myself out over all the travelling or get increased headache issues. So my idea to start the new year "fresh", will be more like starting around april, maybe...

My dad always said you have to be in very good health to be ill, and he's right... It's exhausting :P

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