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CGAN Feb 2015 - Letting off Steam - FINALS

01 Feb 2015 08:52 - 01 Feb 2015 08:55 #8630 by Charlotte
Letting off Steam

Brief: It seemed in the suggestions thread that a steampunk theme would be appreciated. Can't be too predictable and post the exact one suggested though :P But here it is. Steampunk (or not, if you have other ideas!)

Deadline: Saturday 28th February, by midnight GMT. After which voting will begin.

This is where you posts your final entries. WIPs (works in progress) should be posted over here:

Challenge rules and guidelines:

Rules in brief:
  • All challenge entries must be your own work.
  • You should post at least two WIP images that are clearly different from your final entry and each other.
  • Your final entry should contain your image (inserted so it shows up full size) and at least two links to your WIP posts on the forum.
  • No chatter in the finals thread – if you have questions, post them in the WIP thread or PM an admin.
  • Feedback is allowed & encouraged together with the voting and in the WIP thread.
  • Deadline is given in UK time (midnight GMT) with a grace period of 5 minutes for getting the post sorted.
  • Each member may cast one set of votes, for their 3 favourites.
  • No cheating! Admins may decide to disqualify an entry that does not adhere to the above rules.

Any an all misspellings are henceforth blamed on the cats.

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26 Feb 2015 23:39 #9142 by Domtopia
Awesome challenge!! Hope everyone gets finished and gets their respective paintings up here.

There's a high calibre of entries for this challenge, so I am not looking forward to the vote!

Everything's on the right!!!

It's like driving abroad!

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27 Feb 2015 13:40 - 27 Feb 2015 13:48 #9147 by CherryGraphics
Hellooo again...! <3 Was a great challenge even I didn't say so much this time... sorry for that! :whistle:
Good luck :)

the sketch
first colors
let there be red hair :D
more style
the background appeared ^^

So here comes my airpirate - steampunk - princess :lol:

If I had a world of my own,everything would be nonsense.Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't.

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28 Feb 2015 02:13 #9171 by Valence
Indulge me a moment. :dry:

For the past seven months steam-polluted Londinium has been gripped by a state of fear following a campaign of terror and murder perpetrated by the genius inventor, criminal mastermind and habitual killer known only as "The Flange."
Empress Victoria has doubled her reconstituted army of Revenant Guards to preserve and protect the Regnal Imperium of Olde Albion. Yet still The Flange strikes with impunity. "Perhaps," muses the Empress, "perhaps it's time for a new kind of detective."
Now as the policeman's whistle sounds and the cries of "Ghastly Crime!" and "Grievous Assault!" ring out through Wightchapel once more, the next dying victim, slumped on the ground and slowly bleeding out, takes his last breath and gazes up with failing eyes to see the two looming figures who will investigate his own murder…
Presenting Cher Locke-Holmes and Doktor Votson!

Miss Locke-Holmes; engineer and ingenue, orphaned by the now notorious zeppelin accident in Vladivostok and raised by her 3rd Uncle Igor who trained her in the Natural Order and the Artificial Physicks.
And Doktor Votson; constructed as part of her education and conforming to The Nine Axioms Of Mechanical Philosophie, the good Doktor remains her protector, confidante, advisor and valet.

Join them in their all-new adventure:
"A Curious Matter of Perspective."
In which our heroine will use all her wit and wiles to investigate a crime, reconstruct the vision of a victim, take a thought-o-graph of a killer and identify The Flange once and for all.

And if you enjoyed that then don't forget the back catalogue of other Cher Locke-Holmes stories:
Vol 1: The Lines Of Detail.
Vol 2: The Colour Of The Machine.
Vol 3: The Horizon Of The Ambiguous Girl.

Good Luck Everyone and I hope my favourites finish in time!

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28 Feb 2015 19:29 - 28 Feb 2015 19:40 #9205 by oaktree

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01 Mar 2015 00:43 - 01 Mar 2015 00:48 #9216 by microscopi
Great work guys, I realize i'm a bit late, for some reason I couldn't get my pic uploaded for the better part of an hr, I hope the web gods can find it in their hearts to extend the 5 min to an hr..

wip 1

wip 2

wip 3


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01 Mar 2015 09:19 #9224 by Charlotte
Time to vote! Vote for your first, second and third favourite among the following entrants:

  • Domtopia
  • CherryGraphics
  • Valence
  • oaktree
  • microscopi

Image upload issues: Micro since yours were delayed by technical issues it will be allowed in. Anyone experiencing upload problems (I know several of our users have had issues), it would be appreciated if you posted as much detail as you could on what you've done and browser, image formats and stuff in the Feedback & Suggestions section so that Banj has a chance to figure out what's wrong. None of us moderators have experienced these issues you see, so we don't really know what's happening.

Voting time: Voting begins now and should be finished until Saturday next week when I hopefully remember to tally the points. On Sunday I intend to be at the HBO Game of Thrones exhibit in Stockholm. Not entirely sure I'll make it since I've had a long period of headaches lately but I hope to go.

Any an all misspellings are henceforth blamed on the cats.

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01 Mar 2015 17:50 - 01 Mar 2015 23:49 #9237 by Valence
Close one again, this voting lark gets harder and harder. Technically all entries were pretty well matched so this month what sets the winners apart for me is the quality of the ideas that were used.


Dom: The literal interpretation of the brief's title works well for you here. The sight of the big robot chilling out with the little boy is unusual and incongruous (and I mean that in a positive and funny way) yet also charming especially the way you express relationship using the big robot's pose and the boy's headgear. The big selling point for the picture is your control over edges and surfaces, both texture and form are really well described in a way that shows the work and patience that you must have put into it. My only gripe, as I mentioned in the wip, is the tangent issue, especially the one with the fishing line and the wheel. No matter how much I understand the picture my idiot brain still wants to see it as the boy reeling in a hubcap. But that's only a minor issue and one that the viewer (ie. Me) should be able to get over.

Oaktree: It's great to see you beat the deadlines and have the confidence to get a picture in the finals. I just feel a bit frustrated at leaving you out of the points because I certainly think you deserve something for this successful picture. As mentioned before your colour choices are excellent here and the painterly background is expressive in several ways, both describing landscape and also having an emotional impact. Charlotte hit the nail on the head by invoking Turner. Your vehicle designs are also imaginative and well defined. My one critique would be the form of the foreground vehicle, especially the "balloon" part at the top. It's well designed and well drawn but really needs a bit of shading to both give it dimension and contrast it from the background. But a big well done for your efforts, this is real progress that you should be proud of. Also a big thank you for explaining your methods, that idea with the dissolve blend mode sounds interesting and I think I'll be trying it out soon.

Cherry: Classic Steampunk done very well! The style and expression of the face perfectly fits the personality of the character and the top-hatted parrot is a great touch. The hands were very well drawn from the start, I'd happily cut and paste them into my picture. Ditto for the outfit and all its details. The map is very authentic in its design and texture and was a clever way to introduce the ship, it really conjures up those "travelling red line" scenes from the Indiana Jones movies. My one crit would be the position of the character. I understand how you would want to show off the map (I would too!) but she does look a little isolated over on that far side. Moving her in a bit, but still off centre, would give the picture a better balance. Edit: but in it's current format it would still make a great wrap-around book cover.

micro: I didn't offer much feedback for this in the wip thread because it really didn't need it. It just seemed to work from beginning to end, and what underpins it is the idea. Steampunk = Steam Train. And like all great ideas it seems so painfully obvious after someone else has done it yet beforehand I would never have thought of it. Everything about this succeeds: the format, the colour, the composition, the detail. The train and its crazy face are just fantastic and the other details, like that bit on the left that looks like a railway signal yet also looks like a steam powered cactus in the desert, it all just fits together perfectly. Add to this the fact that your usual layered textured style is very well suited to this subject then it's obvious to me that this should win.

DigitalDave: Noooo! Damn those annoying computer glitches and the dearth of extra days in February! This was a real contender. Like micro's pic it was founded on a great analogy, the steam coming out of the nostrils of a great bull! And very well drawn too. Great environment and well placed figures all explaining the whole scene to us. I was desperate to see the colour go on.

Kodabble: A very ambitious sketch for such a late entry. I thought it'd be a tough one to finish in time. It had the nice look of a mashup between the traditional Flash Gordon style rocket with a bit of an HG Wells story and a little bit of magic from those old Georges Melies films. Would have been a good one.

Schizo: An excellent concept piece in the making. A design that's recognisable in it's style and function, all rendered with your usual professional technique and skill. I also like the casual pose of the debonair pilot. I was interested to see if and how you were going to integrate it into a background.

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01 Mar 2015 18:25 - 01 Mar 2015 18:28 #9238 by Domtopia
So here goes.

1. Cherry: I love the background with this. Excellent graphics and style. Really lovely stuff. I think the character is really nice too. Somehow though, in the transition from sketch to finished painting she has lost something. I think your line work was really interesting and carried a nicer expression. Plus, she is a little flat. Maybe that's because she is not in her environment, but placed on top of it.

2. Mic: Love it!! You know of my fondness for the steampunk Thomas The Tank Engine concept. Ace idea! The only part that I would change is the way the train recedes. It just, sort of... stops! I think it would have been helped with being able to see it disappear, lowering the contrast as it went and therefore not needing an object conveniently blocking our view. ... I'm still going to nick this concept one day and do version of my own! It's a great idea!!

3. Oaktree: I really like the quality of the background in this. Like Val said, some for the foreground elements could do with rounding out with a bit of fuller rendering, but otherwise I really like this concept.

This was hard!! I am sorry I can't vote for more than three!

A word on the rest:

Val. I thought yours was an atmospheric piece, but the perspective issues were really difficult to reconcile. There was a lot of effort put into the story too.

Dave: Loved the bull. Sad for you that you couldn't get it done in time.

Schizo: Again great idea and cool start with the drawing. Would have loved to see where you took it.

Well done everyone!!

Everything's on the right!!!

It's like driving abroad!

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01 Mar 2015 20:56 #9240 by Linasue
Hey guys
I would have loved to be a part of the challenge but because of private stuff I couldn’t.

But I want to vote

1. CherryGraphics: I love your picture - it’s so realistic! The pirate princess with her parrot is a great idea and the airship is awesome.

2. Valence: The idea is awesome. The robot and the woman are a nice couple and the dark atmosphere fits really good. I really like this picture.

3. Domtopia: The picture with the robot and the child is great. I really like the play with colors and the details.

4. Microscopi: I like your idea with the train - keep it up!

5. oaktree: Your idea with the fight up in the air is cool!

This challenge was really interesting and there are so much nice pictures - it’s a pity I coulnd’t get all the chance to be the first. :)

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