December challenge - Random Randomness

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November challenge - VOTING OPEN!

CGAN Dec 2019 - Random randomness - WIPs

02 Dec 2019 13:15 - 02 Dec 2019 13:18 #26926 by Banj
Random randomness

Brief: Take one of the following randomly generated sentences and interpret it into a random illustration.

  • A fierce rabbit army with spoons on a massive ice lake
  • An arctic fox skiing down a mountain chased by an elephant
  • A heavenly cow meditating in a candle-lit room surrounded by birds
  • A pig wearing a fur coat riding an elegant horse in to battle
  • A large green dragonfly holding a small child afloat
  • A green creature with an engine swimming under ice

  • Deadline: Midnight on Tuesday the 31st of December. Voting will inevitably be delayed because of the New Year and shizz.

    This is where you post your WIPs (work in progress). Final entries should be posted over here:

    Challenge rules and guidelines:

    Rules in brief:
    - All challenge entries must be your own work.
    - You should post at least two WIP images that are clearly different from your final entry and each other.
    - Your final entry should contain your image (inserted so it shows up full size) and at least two links to your WIP posts on the forum.
    - No chatter in the finals thread – if you have questions, post them in the WIP thread or PM an admin.
    - Feedback is allowed & encouraged together with the voting and in the WIP thread.
    - Deadline is given in UK time (midnight GMT) with a grace period of 5 minutes for getting the post sorted.
    - Each member may cast one vote.
    - No cheating! Admins may decide to disqualify an entry that does not adhere to the above rules.

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